Flood be damned, flood be dammed!


In my last update  I told you about the exciting events of the 5th December, remember? Well, we’ve had storm Frank since then – glorious 90mph winds and 24 hrs of refreshing British rain (perfect for tea-making), BUT WE HAVE SURVIVED!!! Yet again the work done post-Desmond damming up the demolished beck walls has discouraged Grisedale Beck from topping its banks, and the dredging allowed the river to plummet over 2′ in 2 hours when the rain stopped. It feels like we’re going to have every storm from Abigail to Zebedee this winter, curse El Nino and it’s meteorological mayhem! All is quiet now, so I’ll grab the opportunity to tell you what we’ve achieved since 5/12…

As you know, the flood ripped through the A592 and chalet site entrance, but within 2 weeks of the damage we have a lovely and very flat A592…


Jon on road







The caravan site had been dismantled by the breaking beck, but we had entirely rebuilt it, electric, hard standing and all, ten days after the flood.


The devastation!








Can you dig it? Well… yes you can. And you can hammer it and rake it too.

2015-12-16 10.29.36







2015-12-16 11.37.36







2015-12-17 15.36.27







2015-12-17 11.58.52






All ready in time for our first guests to arrive:

2015-12-17 14.30.35







We’ve also  had a gurt big 14 tonne digger in the beck, shoring up the damaged beckside:

2015-12-18 12.41.31








And finally, my favourite image of the blog… our lovely volunteer Kev surfing the silt on a board that got washed onto site. We still have our work cut out for us in January removing the huge silt build-up and mending fences and footpaths and generally tidying up… so if you fancy lending a hand then get in touch!

2015-12-16 15.25.02






Have a happy new year, folks… and hopefully a dry one too.

Festive wishes from Jon, Estate Floodchronicler